Turbine Schweizer 1-26 Project


What's Next?


Fabric Removal

Removing fabric from 1976 to ensure that the exhaust is not damaging to the covering.


Fabricating new wooden wing joints

We're making new wing joints for the fuselage since the old joints were rotten and delaminated.


Re-covering the Fuselage

Installing new fabric!


Poly-Brush sprayed to the fuse


Poly-spray the fuselage


Wing Skin Fabrication

Fabrication of new wing panels.

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  • We will be attending the Experimental Soaring Association Workshop in Tehachapi Labor Day weekend.

  •  The airplane made its first 5 successful flights including a self-launch. There are a few bugs to work out, but testing moves forward.                                                                                         6/28/2015

  • New photos of powered taxi tests are available in the photos section. Currently the team is preparing paperwork to certify the aircraft in the Experimental category. Once completed, flight testing will commence.


  • The airplane is nearly complete as the second wing is in for paint! Click here to see footage of the first movements down the runway! 7/15/2015

  • The ailerons are all done and in for paint. The fuselage is nearing completion and soon we'll turn completely to finishing the wings. 2/16/2015

  • The airplane moved under it's own power!! We were able to taxi the airplane in the work stand. Ailerons are nearly completed and the fuselage is nearing completion as we move on to finishing the wings. Check the video and photo galleries for taxi coverage! 2/8/2015

  • We've had a big couple weeks with modifications to the instrument panel, ailerons covered in fabric, and vinyl on the fuselage! Also, progress pics of the instrument panel can be found here.2/2/2015

  • The fuselage has paint! Canopy frame, hatch, and tail fairing are in for paint and wing skin fabrication has begun. 1/18/15

  • We've begun restoration of the wings due to many off field landings. 11/29/14

  • We have finally finished the fabric on the fuselage and empennage, but we needed to uncover and repair the ailerons. Next up, sanding the nose! 10/19/14

  • Due to the high number of questions about the Moment of Inertia Determination process, here is a report about the theory and execution and the reference NACA document here. 10/17/14

  • We have only one more sand and cross coat of silver left. We'll begin sanding the nose and stripping the wings in earnest soon. 10/11/14

  • Final paint scheme is decided upon and template can be found here. 9/30/14

  • Silver has been applied to the fuselage and awaiting final sanding and one more coat of silver. 9/27/14

  • The fabric is installed and nearly completed. Just a few more coats of spray. Also, the number 2 engine is back from the shop and ready for installation. 8/24/14

  • All wood has been replaced and rear fuselage steel is 90% replaced. 8/2/14

  • Most of the wood has been fabricated and is ready for installation. The corroded parts of the aft fuselage have been cut out and the fixes are fabricated and ready for welding. 7/19/14

  • Fabric has been successfully removed from the fuselage and empennage. 7/5/14.

  • Engine number 2 has been sent to JetCat for repair of the glow plug 7/3/14